Woodland Carbon Scheme

woodland-carbonKMS Litho is proud to be a partner of the Woodland Carbon Scheme in association with the Woodland Trust. Woodland Carbon is a unique scheme to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by locking up carbon emissions through planting trees. We work with the Woodland Trust to create new woodlands here in the UK, harnessing nature’s simple and powerful way of removing carbon dioxide from the environment.

As a Woodland Carbon partner, we have signed up to a credible carbon removal scheme which operates under the government’s . The scheme is not a compulsory carbon offset solution, but is a voluntary way of mitigating our carbon emissions by planting trees right here in the UK. These new woodlands help support our natural ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife and generations of people in the UK will be able to enjoy them now and in the future.

We can include the Woodland Carbon Capture logo on any of your printed items and clients wishing to measure their own print-related carbon capture for further marketing can do so through this scheme.

Since joining the Woodland Trust Scheme in December 2013 we have captured 7.476 tonnes of CO2 and donated enough funds to enable the planting of 187 square meters of native UK woodland.

For more info on this great scheme visit www.woodlandcarbon.co.uk or www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

Environmental Impact of Printing: Myths & Facts

two-sides-memberEnvironmental concerns have moved to the top of almost every agenda in recent years, and have an increasing influence over the decisions we make every day. As the environmental debate has gathered momentum, so have the myths and misconceptions suggesting that the paper industry is responsible for mass deforestation and has an adverse impact on the environment.

Here at KMS Litho we are passionate about print but we’re also passionate about the environment. We are members of Two Sides a not-for-profit organisation with members from the Graphic Communications Supply Chain including forestry, pulp, paper, inks and chemicals, pre press, press, finishing, publishing, printing, envelopes and postal.

As always, there are two sides to every debate, and paper has a great environmental story to tell. This is an industry that depends on a renewable source for its principal raw material, and one that leads the world in recycling. Two Sides presents the real facts about paper production, use and recycling. The aim of the initiative is to dispel the misconceptions surrounding paper to promote more informed and confident decisions as well as a more responsible use of paper and print as a unique communications medium.

The Two Sides common goal is to promote the sustainability of the Graphics Communication Supply chain and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium.

Paper isn’t the enemy of the environment and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. While paper does use trees, its production does consume energy and too often, waste paper ends up in landfill sites, it is also one of the few truly renewable and recyclable raw materials we have. The paper industry is facing up to its responsibilities and investing heavily in all areas of production and sourcing of raw materials to minimise its environmental impact.

Two Sides Strongly Supports

  • Responsible Production
  • Responsible Print and Design
  • Responsible Consumption
  • Responsible Disposal

KMS Litho Environmental Statement

In addition to partnering with the Woodland Trust in their voluntary carbon capture scheme, KMS Litho ensures that all aspects of our activities are conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices. KMS Litho fully complies with all known current environmental legislation.

  • Minimising the consumption of natural resources and energy, whilst consuming material goods in moderation
  • Reducing the creation of waste by the adoption of improved operating practices and by the re-cycling of materials whenever practicable
  • Ensuring all waste and effluent is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner
  • All recycling is undertaken via two of our partners:
    – J & G Environmental Ltd, Dorset (printing plates & blankets, ink tins, processor water)
    – Community Waste Ltd, Enstone (paper, board, & plastics)
  • Advising our customers on the environmental credentials and benefits of using recycled paper grades and/or using FSC/PEFC paper grades
  • Using mineral-free, vegetable oil based inks
  • Investing in the development of new products and processes that have an improved performance regarding their impact on the environment
  • Being a responsible employer and neighbour
  • Ensuring that all employees carry out their duties in line with the above statement and, through training, are aware of their obligations
  • Expecting similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors
  • Assisting customers to use products and services in an environmentally-sensitive way
  • Assessing the environmental impact of all historic, current and likely future operations