Why you should start 2020 with new business cards

Why use business cards?
Some say business cards are dead but we don’t think so – as long as they look fantastic of course! We can help with sleek or detailed designs and advise on the use of pantone colours and metallics.

Buisness Cards in an array of colours-printing by KMS LithoWhen you are meeting someone face-to-face, whether at a networking event, a conference or a trade show, exchanging contact details is easy with a business card. Even as businesses move to virtual workspaces, Skype meetings and digital communication, the strongest impressions are made when you meet someone face-to-face. However, you do need to have a business card to hand – how else can you be contacted? So, updating your business card for 2020 should be top of your to-do list.

The key components of a business card
From a very basic perspective, when you choose a business card, you need to ensure that it is:

  • Clear – easy to read, with the best font and colours
  • Informative – conveys what you do, either through imagery or content
  • Impactful – don’t be afraid to choose a bright colour stock, or use design features to make your card stand out

With your business card, you want to present yourself and your business as a professional package. That does not mean that you need to stick to the ‘white, thin card, rectangle’ norm that everyone else does!

Wild and wonderful business cards
Design-wise, you can dream up some pretty wild and wonderful ideas when it comes to business cards. Far beyond the norm, business cards can represent your style and ideas – like the cycle repair shop who uses a card-shaped bike multi-tool as a business card, or the picture framer’s business card that is a miniature picture frame.

If those ideas are a little too weird for your taste, we are lucky enough to have Ali on our team as an experienced in-house graphic designer. Not only does she know all there is to know about our machines, techniques and capabilities, she has four years’ experience and a degree in design so she keeps up with the latest design trends. Ali knows not only what is fashionable, but also what is possible.

riplex Business Card PrintingDuplex and triplex business cards
Have you thought about paper stocks? We love our duplex and triplex printing, and when it comes to creating an eye-catching business card, using more than one stock paper or colour can make a real impact.

Duplex printing uses two paper stocks, adding a luxurious weight and thickness to your business card. With duplex printing you can have varying coloured edges too.

Triplex printing involves creating a sandwich of three paper stocks. Much like duplex cards, triplex is weightier, and if you use a contrasting colour for the middle stock, the edges look beautiful!

If you want to get even thicker, we can quadplex too! Just speak to the team to see how we can make your paper stock choice perfect for you and your business.

Embossed and debossed business cards
If you are looking to add a touch of luxury to your business cards, we have some great design techniques that can create a fantastic effect.

Embossing and debossing are brilliant ways to highlight parts of your business card. We raise (or depress) an image or text in the material to create a sensory experience when your card is handled.

With other design options like die cut shapes, foil edge gilding and metallic colours, your business card can be as bold, daring and creative as you are.

Whatever your ideas for creating your 2020 updated business cards, you can count on us here at KMS Litho to produce exactly what you need and, with our impressive environmental credentials, you can help the world around us too!

KMS Litho is a member of Two SidesWe are FSC-certified and also work with Two Sides, a not-for-profit that promotes sustainability in the printing industry so we minimise the environmental impact of working with timber.


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