Christmas card printing & design – top tips

For KMS Litho, the run up to Christmas also starts early. It’s about now that we begin Christmas card printing to ensure our customers are well prepared for the festive season, and to help them positively promote their businesses at this time of year.

Despite the rise of e-cards, the tradition for sending Christmas cards is still strong. It’s almost the only widespread holiday when people write to one another in person, sending friends and family their love and good wishes. It’s also an important time for businesses to thank their customers, and a Christmas card personalised from your company can promote your brand and generate leads.

If you’re starting to think about Christmas card printing, here are some tips for making sure your greeting card stands out – here are our top tips:

1 Start early!

For your cards to be ready in time to drop through your customers’ letterboxes in the first week of December, you need to be thinking about booking in design work now. Christmas is a busy time of year for designers and printers, and KMS Litho is lucky to have lots of new customers coming on board this season. By scheduling your cards and delivery dates in now, they can reach people before your competitors’ do – and a beautifully designed and worded card can help your customers to consider you during the festive season.

2 Quality is crucial

Many store-bought and online-printed cards are produced cheaply on poor quality paper stock with low quality printing and can be disappointing. To set your card apart you should link the quality of the card with the impression you wish to give of your business. For example, a thick cardstock looks great as soon as the customer takes it out of the envelope. Sometimes a larger card can set you apart too – and if it’s a beautiful design, it has more chance of being placed where more people will see it.

If you want to show your environmental credentials we can provide great quality FSC approved card stocks too. The cards you send reflect your brand and KMS Litho can help you strike the right balance between quality, affordability and consideration for the environment.

3 Make it personal

Wetdog Creative-christmas card printing by KMS LithoThe design of your card is important for tastefully promoting your brand. For a personal touch, a unique card guarantees that it’s the only one like it that your customer will receive – unlike generic shop-bought cards. You can feature your logo design, brand font and colour palette – and you could also include a link to your website, a mobile app, social media or even include a QR code to link to drive traffic to your e-greeting or Christmas shop. However you choose to personalise, KMS Litho can give you all the advice you need.

4 Give it character

If you are having your own card designed you’ll want to give it character. A robin on a spade may be cute but does it reflect your brand? The impact of a Christmas card is experienced by the recipient as they open it and take in the design during those first few seconds. KMS Litho has an in-house graphic designer who can design beautiful, simple, memorable cards that are totally in keeping with your brand, and sure to stand out on the windowsill. Our designer can also liaise directly with our experienced print team in the room next door to make sure the design is impeccable when printed.

5 Special delivery

Christmas card printing isn’t the end of the process. Writing and posting hundreds of cards is a monumental task, especially near Christmas when most businesses are busy. KMS Litho can help with this, and offer a full range of print fulfilment services for our customers, meaning that we can personalise, print and post to your database using our in-house facilities. If you have time, we would still recommend identifying your very top clients and writing those cards by hand, perhaps including a personal thank you for their custom and handwriting the envelope too. Such personal touches exude warmth and really show that you care.

So, while you may not feel the need to start stocking up on advent calendars just yet, do think about your requirements for Christmas card printing. Now is the time to contact us for a chat and to book in your work.