How we minimise our environmental impact: our gentle approach to printing

Protecting the environment is high on society’s agenda. In recent months we have seen young people taking a stand; more people becoming thoughtful about where their food comes from; and the Government’s plans for halting petrol and diesel car sales in 2035. So how can we – an Oxfordshire printing company – play our part by minimising our own environmental impact?

For any company, thinking about the sustainability of their operations isn’t optional. It is key to preserving the world that we all rely on, to thrive as a business in the future, and to retain the reputation they hold with their customers.

The printing industry is often under scrutiny about the environmental impact it has, and we recognise it’s important for customers to know they’re working with a printing company that cares. So we thought we’d give our customers an insight into our own approach to working with an environmental conscience.

KMS Litho is a member of Two SidesWe’re powerful in our partnerships: One of the most effective ways to become a sustainable business is to work with environmental experts who know more than we do. We’re members of Two Sides – a not-for-profit for the Graphic Communications Supply Chain that helps to evidence the value of paper and print as a practical and sustainable communications medium.

We’re certain through certification: The world’s forest and timber resources are precious. If we want to use them now, we need to be sure we can continue to use them into the future. KMS Litho is FSC certified – which means that the wood used in our products meets the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council, and demonstrates our compliance with the highest environmental standards.

We’re wise about waste: At KMS Litho, we don’t like waste. We’ve improved our own operating practices to reduce the creation of waste, and we also use recycled materials whenever we practically can. When we do have waste and effluent, we make sure that we dispose of it in a safe and responsible manner.

FSC Forests For All ForeverWe’re clear with our customers: We enjoy working with our customers in a way that is environmentally sensitive. If you work with us, we’ll be happy to advise on the environmental credentials and benefits of using recycled paper grades, and of using FSC or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) paper grades. Depending on the types of paper our customers choose for their project, they can have the FSC logo printed on their materials too.

We ‘think ink’: Ink is essential to what we do at KMS Litho. We like to use mineral oil free inks. These are made from plants which are fast-growing and renewable, and the oils can be easily extracted. There are also no film plates or photo chemicals used in our printing processes – both litho and digital.

We practice what we preach: There’s no point in professing to be minimising our environmental impact if the day-to-day behaviour of our staff doesn’t reflect it. We make sure that all our employees carry out their duties in line with our environmental statement, and know how to fulfil their sustainability obligations. We also expect similar high standards from the suppliers and contractors we work with.

Envionmental impact-sheep outside KMS Litho officeWe practice ‘sheepfulness’: Of course it’s also easier to be mindful of the environment when you’re lucky enough to work in a location that’s surrounded by natural beauty. Our offices are located in the middle of Oxfordshire’s beautiful Hook Norton countryside, and our neighbours are a flock of sheep. We’d love you to see our digs sometime, so do drop in for a chat.


KMS Litho partnered with The Aspinall Foundation in Kent to print limited edition cheetah paw printsStop press!
As a GF Smith Fine paper stockist and specialists we were recently singled out as the preferred printer for The Aspinall Foundation in Kent to print limited edition cheetah paw prints.

The material specified was ‘GF Smith Extract 380gsm Moon’. This material is made from recycled coffee cups, collected from the large coffee outlets and fast food restaurants in the UK. Read more on this news story.

Our commitment to sustainability

With 27 years working as a printing company, we truly care about the processes and products we have the privilege to manage – and we recognise that we will always be learning how to work smarter and more responsibly.

That’s why we assess the environmental impact of all our historic, current and likely future operations. We are also investing in the development of new products and processes that will provide an improved environmental performance. Responsible business is a continuously evolving movement – and one that we are proud to be part of.

If you’d like to work with an Oxfordshire printing company with an environmental conscience, call us for a chat about how we can help you with your project today.