How to choose an impressive business card and get noticed

Visible and accessible – two things that most people want themselves and their business to be. Yet in an increasingly digital world, more and more interaction, exchange of ideas and commerce is being conducted online so having the most impressive business card is more important than ever if you want to stand out following a face-to-face meeting.

Making that impact and communicating what you can offer to a business is essential – but what happens post-meeting? A potential new client has a brief that you might be perfect for, but with seeing new faces every day and being human, they cannot remember your name – communication breaks down and ends right there. Yet if you handed a business card to them in that meeting and they have it ready and waiting, numerous opportunities await. It’s all about ensuring that your chosen business card is clear, conveys what you do and is impactful.

At KMS Litho, we work with you to create your ideal and impressive business card. Making a first impression should not always just be about what you have to say, but how you present yourself as a whole professional package. We work with you to delve into a range of styles, colours, textures and weights to ensure you offer the best representation of you and your skills to any potential work lead. It’s an opportunity for you to be as creative as possible – and to market yourself and your business in the way you wish. So be daring! After all, if you are handed something that is structured well and is aesthetically pleasing, more care, time and attention will be taken over considering its message.

What can KMS Litho offer you?

  • Duplex business card printing

At KMS Litho, we can create an impressive duplex business card. This means that two different paper stocks will be assembled together to increase weight and thickness, as well as having the potential to incorporate coloured edges. For example, you might want to select a coloured board but adhere it to a white board for a professional and impressive duplex finish. Our team can advise you on style and provide samples.

  • Triplex or quadplex business card printing

riplex Business Card PrintingAlternatively, you may want to look at triplex business cards. This means that our team will help you select three different boards to be adhered together, creating a ‘sandwich’ effect for your business card – particularly effective if you decide to select a contrasting coloured board as the middle piece.

You can even quadplex your business card if you so wish, using four boards.

  • Embossing and debossing

To add another layer of sophistication to your impressive business card, you might want to consider having it embossed or debossed. With debossing, our team will create depressions in the material leaving an imprint of the image or text you like in the paper or card. Embossing involves raising an image or text from a material for highlighting purposes to create an opulent effect.

  • Finishes and additional services

Cutting die shapes and including foil edge gilding can add a level of luxury and prestige to your business card. All ideas for finishes can be discussed and we are more than happy to provide our expertise on layout and design, and provide proofs for sign off.

Our experience with designing impressive business cards also extends to advising on the right types of paper and weight to use. Feel free to visit us in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, to get up close with samples and see how they feel.

At KMS Litho there are endless possibilities and we will thoroughly enjoy working with you to create the perfect, most impressive card for you and your business. If you would like to explore how we can help reach out today and get a quote.