Meet our graphic designer and see how she can transform your printing

Everyone at KMS Litho is passionate about providing quality printing for our customers, and as a team we work together to give you the best experience and outstanding results. As individuals, our team members bring their own skills and strengths to the table so your design and print looks incredible. Here’s how Ali Reed, our lead graphic designer, adds value to everything she does for you.

Ali has worked as graphic designer for four years, gaining valuable insight into how to take your projects from good to great, making the most of her varied experience and wealth of knowledge in design for print. After studying and gaining a BA (Hons) in Creative Arts and Design, Ali has spent the past four years fine-tuning her approach to consistently come up with the best results at KMS Litho, whatever the size or complexity of your project.

When we asked Ali why customers benefit from choosing our in-house design services, she came up with her top three reasons:

  1. Depth of understanding

Working in-house means our designers are right at the heart of the printers and understand what does and doesn’t work in real-life situations. They know about paper-types, print options, paper cut options, inks and finishes – all the possible printing options, including the one that will work best for you.

There are more opportunities for closer collaboration on design, as some styles of printing might mean a design needs to be tweaked during the course of a project. A deep understanding of the practicalities of print for marketing can mean the difference between impressing your customers or ending up in the recycling.

  1. Speed and simplicity

We all have deadlines to meet or important events that need the right supporting printed materials, and organising that printing to a deadline can be a challenge. Using our in-house designers means they’re involved with your timelines from the outset. They can manage both your expectations and the project deliverables, to give you the right results, on time, every time.

Keeping everything in-house means we have more control of the timelines, better understanding and communication, and every reason to keep to a promised deadline. Our high level of customer service is one of the reasons so many customers keep coming back to us.

  1. Latest trends

The Colour Green-Metallic Ink and Pantone SpotsPart of a designer’s job is to keep on top of the latest developments, trends and best practice, and to bring this to the table for every new piece of work. You might want the best way to incorporate Pantone spots and metallics into your design to give it an extra edge, or advice on how to refresh your current printed materials for a more up-to-date impact.

Making the right choice of the latest printing type, colours and paper will be easier with our in-house design help. With our expert knowledge, you’ll be thrilled with the way your design comes to life.

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As a team we understand what it takes to make your printing stand out with exciting design, quality materials and the highest standards of customer service. Whether you need a graphic designer to start from scratch, or you need some expert input into your existing ideas for completely professional results, our designers can help.

Get in touch with Ali and the team at KMS Litho to see how our in-house design services can really make your projects pop.