Print for marketing – 6 top tips for getting it right

Getting print for marketing right is one of the most important tasks for any company looking to showcase their products and attract new business. From annual reports, to posters, to brochures and leaflets, high-quality printed literature will always grab the reader’s attention and is sure to impress.

If you feel like the print that you currently produce isn’t quite delivering, here are several areas where you could consider making simple changes and improvements to ensure a much greater impact.

  1. Choose the right type of printing

Digital printing is a good option for companies who are on a tight budget, or need to get their print for marketing ready at very short notice. Because very little mechanical set-up is needed, you can expect a fast turnaround, and it’s great for printing small quantities.

However if you’re looking for a really polished finish, you’re definitely better off choosing litho printing. Litho works with a greater range of paper types than digital, and offers high-quality results for large print runs.
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  1. Find the right type of paper

Uncoated paper is often perceived as luxurious and expensive-looking by graphic designers and marketers. It’s also perfect for those looking to come across as rustic or eco-friendly. In comparison, gloss coated paper is a great option for fine photography and it allows you to see images in great detail, particularly in shadow areas. It’s tactile, has an attractive sheen and it can make colours and images really pop out. Matte coated paper is also popular; it’s less shiny than gloss paper, but is fantastic for text, so you might choose to use this for leaflets and flyers.

  1. Use the right colours

Have you ever printed out your corporate colours, only for them to look faded or different to how they look on screen? This is often down to the types of inks used. If you want your printed colours to be striking and accurate, why not consider Pantone spot colour inks?

Certain colours do not reproduce accurately using CMYK (read more about CMYK here), in which case Pantone colours will be more precise. Pantone spot printing corresponds to the standardised Pantone Matching System which can be mixed to any one of nearly two thousand colours. Because of the complicated process, it’s more expensive than CYMK printing – however it’s the real deal, and the difference can add an unparalleled touch of class when creating print for marketing. Pantone printing also allows you to print in fluorescent and metallic colours for interesting and eye-catching marketing collateral.

  1. Send your materials out in the right way

Sharing your print with the world is a time-consuming job. If you’re struggling to keep up, print fulfilment could be the answer. At KMS Litho, we can take on all the print for marketing tasks – from stuffing envelopes to shipping all your materials – so your staff can be freed up to focus on their regular day jobs.

  1. Find the right company

Perhaps the most worthwhile choice, if you want to get your print for marketing right, is to work with the right printing company. The best printers won’t just do the job competently; they will go above and beyond expectations by working to understand your needs, offering guidance where you need it, and being on hand to help resolve any last-minute requirements.

At KMS Litho, we’re serious about printing. We have the latest in litho and digital printing technologies, we offer every paper type and ink option you could need, and we can look after your print fulfilment needs too. We’re an environmentally friendly company, we love working with our customers. Best of all, they love working with us.

  1. Get what you need – without needing to know the right words

We’re also proud of our ability to help our customers understand what they need – without blinding them with printing jargon.

In fact we’ve put together a handy A-Z of print which explains lots of the techy terms you’re likely to come across when you work with most printing companies. If you’d like to receive your free copy, sign up to our mailing list today.

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If you need professional print for marketing, contact the approachable team at KMS Litho.