Your printing company – the 5 qualities required

When embarking on any new business relationship, it’s always important to remember that your decision shouldn’t just revolve around costs. There’s far more to working with a local printing company for example, than rock-bottom prices. Getting a high-quality and reliable service that truly benefits your company is vital. Take a look below to see the top five qualities that a good printing company should possess.

  1. The ability to give good non-biased advice

How do you weight up cost versus expertise? Many businesses might dismiss getting good advice as unimportant. Yet being able to speak to your printing company about the differences between litho and digital printing, what paper types to use and how to use spot colours and metallics will really help your projects to shine.

In the grand scheme of things, what’s more important to you? Could it be a one-off purchase based on internet prices or having a printing company you can truly rely on time and time again based on their sound advice, knowledge and experience in the printing industry? Often, the non-biased advice we give to our clients enables them to save time and money in the long-run.

  1. The latest equipment and processes

KMS Litho Printing Company - Printing PressOutdated printing equipment and processes offered by some printing companies could leave your materials looking dull and lacking the quality they deserve. By using the latest litho and digital printing techniques your print work will really stand out from the crowd with the best quality finish. Our new Heidelberger Druckmaschinen printing machines are leaders in their field and deliver the highest quality print work every single time.

  1. A showcase service

At KMS Litho we have established ourselves as a printing company that – in addition to providing everyday digital and litho print jobs – also provides a specialist service to artists countrywide. This high-quality Giclee fine art printing technique is favoured by creatives to reproduce works of art with precision and accuracy, and we’re proud to be able to provide this unique service to our clients. This helps to differentiate us from other printing companies and shows we’re serious about all different types of printing techniques, rather than just churning out thousands of copies – although we can do this too of course!

  1. A sustainable business

How green are you? The printing industry often comes under scrutiny around the impact it has on the environment and the materials and processes it uses. By choosing a sustainable printing company, you will minimise the consumption of natural resources and reduce the creation of waste during printing processes. Take a look and see how we use environmentally friendly practices at KMS Litho.

  1. Willing and able to answer any queries

It’s natural for our clients to want to ask questions during the printing process, and we enjoy being able to answer the diverse queries we receive each week!

KMS Litho Printing Company - Customer ServiceThrough customer interaction and clear communication, we are able to demonstrate our expertise and help clients out at the same time. It’s highly likely we already know the answer to your question and if we don’t we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Our end-to-end service ensures your project is completely taken care of from initial design ideas through to packaging and posting the finished product – if you wish.

Once our clients become clients they rarely leave us, testament to our high levels of customer care.

It’s fair to say that internet printing company prices can be really tempting but it can be so disappointing when you receive your copies in the post only to find they look dull and often cheap. It truly does pay to invest a little more in a company you can partner with in the longer term, who will offer you free, non-biased advice every time you need a print job, big or small.

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