Duplex and triplex business card printing

riplex Business Card Printing

Beautiful business cards that make an impact:

These days business is mostly carried out online, over Skype or email, yet everybody still needs business cards because meeting face-to-face and exchanging contact details continues to be very important. Get handed a run-of-the-mill business card and you might take a quick glance and put it in your pocket – but get handed a beautiful business card and you are more likely to take a second look, mention it to your contact and remember them, making your connection with them stronger straightaway. This is where duplex and triplex business card printing really helps to make a difference.

Duplex business card printing
Duplexing is where two different paper stocks are adhered together to add weight, thickness and varying coloured edges to your business cards – for example – you could choose a coloured board and adhere it to a white board for an impressive duplex finish.

Triplex business card printing
Triplexing adheres three different boards together. This type of business card printing can create a really impressive ‘sandwich’ effect to your business card, especially if you select a contrasting coloured board as the middle piece. You can even quadplex with four types of board – there are endless possibilities!

You might also be considering adding additional finishes to your business card printing such as embossing, debossing, die cut shapes and foil edge gilding, ideal for high-end corporate stationery and invitations, as well as business cards. We can create all these types of finishes for you, as well as giving you ideas regarding which would look best when printed. Plus we will advise on the right types of paper and paper weight to use and you can even visit us to see how they feel. This way there’ll be no surprises when you receive your cards, as there might be if you ordered them from online suppliers.

Investing in the quality of your business cards to make the right impression is vital, so make sure yours really stand out from the crowd. If you think duplex or triplex business card printing would be a good idea for you and your team, have a chat to us and why not request some samples or pay us a visit too?