Oxfordshire-based Giclee fine art printing

Our Giclee fine art printing is favoured by many artists in Oxfordshire and beyond:

Giclee fine art reproduction prints (pronounced ‘gee-clay’) are extremely high-quality, digital prints that are created using an ultra-fine inkjet printing process to produce images of intense colour and vibrancy. Our Giclee fine art printing is popular with artists and photographers in Oxfordshire, and with many others from further afield, who display their work in art galleries, museums and exhibitions.

At KMS Litho we have been Giclee fine art printing for many years and we’re one of only a few printers around with this expertise and technology. Giclee fine art printing is ideal for reproduction prints of paintings and photographs, and we scan from your original artwork wherever possible for a first generation reproduction.

We will also advise you on the best papers and boards to use and always use lightfast inks, which are resistant to damage caused by light, and come with an 85-year lightfast guarantee. The paper we use is acid-free, mould-made and cotton-based with superior surface stability and different surface textures depending on your preference.

Many artists prefer to use Hahnemühle paper which we are able to offer. This award-winning paper range provides various fibrous finishes and paperweights, with many options for your fine art reproductions.

The real beauty of Giclee fine art printing is that we only print as many copies as you need because we can store your scanned artwork on our files for future prints, to use as and when you need more. This is perfect for one-off specialist prints when you sell your work, and it makes the printing process far more cost effective for you.

If you are looking for Giclee fine art printing we provide:

  • Excellent turnaround times
  • Papers to suit photographers, illustrators and painters
  • A friendly and welcoming service
  • The very best professional inkjets to accurately represent your work
  • Years of experience

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If you are keen to work with a team of expert Giclee fine art printers, please call us and we’ll talk you through the process and costs. If you would like to see some examples of our work, please do come and visit us at our studio in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire.