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What is litho (lithographic) printing, what does it mean and how does it work?

Well first of all never be afraid to ask the question, there are plenty of people who have worked within the industry for many years who would struggle to answer this. The term Lithography comes from the Greek translation of λίθος, lithos, “stone” and γράφειν, graphein, “to write” The method of printing was and still…

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Colour Management

At KMS we have recently invested a considerable amount of time and cost bringing some standards to our colour management. We chose Mellow Colour as our partners and use their PrintSpec system to accurately match our print to ISO 12647 – a common objective for Printers and Clients, or any other international or in house…

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Digital printing – where does it fit?

I am often asked what I think the future holds for print and whether it will ultimately be replaced with digital printing technology? It’s a question that needs careful consideration and in truth none of us know the answer. Litho printing, which I spent my apprenticeship mastering back in the mid 80’s, has undoubtedly had…

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