The importance of quality printed marketing materials

Can the quality of your printed marketing materials really have such an impact on how people see your brand?

Everyone talks about the importance of digital and how vital it is to get your brand message across effectively online, and this often takes priority over print. But the problem is that the digital world is so overcrowded – with email, websites, and social media – that it gets harder and harder to stand out online and get your message heard.


In contrast, printed materials have grown in value, often showing they have better cut-through. Print remains a strong way to make a meaningful first impression. But just as a weak online message gets lost in an overcrowded marketplace, poorly printed marketing materials will also have a negative impact on your brand.

Poorly printed marketing materials and the damage they do:

Business cards, catalogues, brochures, flyers – printed materials that you might leave behind as you meet prospective clients – are all critical tools in making a first impression.

printed-marketing-materials-business cards

If your business card is limp in the hand when you give it to a potential new customer, or if your brochure printing is dull, misaligned or on cheap paper, it gives the impression that you aren’t able or willing to invest in the things that matter.

Prospects might assume that likewise you aren’t able, ready or willing to invest in them to earn and to keep their business. Many brands have learnt this the hard way, but you don’t have to.

Anything that represents you or your business, online or offline, is a critical part of your brand messaging and needs to be a positive part of the experience people have of your company. If your printed materials scream poor quality, you can bet your target customers will think of you in the same way.

A printing resurgence:

Recent research from Rethink Ink highlighted the fact that even among younger generations, people are consuming more print materials than they did a year ago. Print messaging is considered more memorable and more trusted than digital.

Some major online brands have recognised the value good quality printed materials can have, and are aiming for high-impact with the print they use. Airbnb last year launched a print magazine called airbnbmag, while Facebook launched Grow, a print publication. Amazon’s US Christmas campaign also included a physical toy catalogue for the first time last year.

Adding value with high quality marketing materials:

If you want to effectively reach and engage your target customers, you should take the time to keep your marketing materials up to date and of the highest quality you can afford.

Quality printed materials will demonstrate your brand values from the start, as prospects pick up on what you think of your brand and how you present it in the most positive way. When you have left the meeting, the materials you leave behind will be reminders of the excellent lasting impression you have made on the people you want to do business with.

Printed-Marketing-Material-The Colour Green

You need to show off your brand in the best possible light, which means investing the time to get your printed materials right. Good designs, accurately printed, on the right paper, that feels good in your hands, will help to set your brand apart and positively reflect your brand values – that should be your aim.

With expert advice from a trusted printer, you can avoid the negative impact that poorly printed marketing materials could have on your brand.

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