The top 10 questions to ask your printing company

If you’re considering which printing company you should work with, then you may already have a few technical questions about paper stock, creep and bleed, file types and turnaround. But even before you get to this stage, it’s worth ensuring that your shortlist of suppliers delivers more than just the tech stuff.

The following questions will help you identify a printing company that isn’t simply competent – but one that will actively help you get the best out of your project and perhaps even become a trusted advisor for the long-term.

  1. How well-established are they?

Understanding a printing need, and being able to deliver it well, requires both knowledge and experience. KMS Litho was established in 1993 as a family business, and since then we’ve grown into a leading Oxfordshire printing company with clients all over the UK. Our maturity also means we’ve been able to grow our collection of industry-leading equipment!

  1. Do they provide end-to-end services?

Some companies will deliver only the print element of the whole printing process. But you may prefer a company that can look after the whole job from start to finish – including the original graphic design right through to fulfilment. This approach allows the printing company to have a holistic overview of the needs and implications of any job, which means they can better understand your aims, speed up processes, and help you save both time and money.

  1. Do they spend time with their customers and provide advice and new ideas?

A good printing company will get your job done to the right quality and on time. However, the best companies will take the time to discuss new ideas with you and suggest options that you may not have considered to best represent your work. At KMS Litho our staff have more than 100 years’ experience between them and would be delighted to chat to maximise the potential of your work.

  1. Can they show you samples of their work?

A great printing company should be able to show you a whole range of samples that they’ve produced, with different paper stocks and ink types. This should not only demonstrate how your own materials are likely to look, but also what they could look like if you decided an alternative option was more effective or attractive. Contact KMS Litho today to request a sample pack.

  1. Can you visit to see their studio?

We think a visit to a printing company’s studio will give you the reassurance you need that your work is in safe hands. At KMS Litho, we love to meet our prospective and current clients. We’re delighted, then, when customers arrange to drop by our Oxfordshire studio to check out our machinery and samples, and meet our staff.

  1. Can you call them anytime?

You should be able to call your printing company at any point to ask questions about processes, or simply to check on how a project is developing. We’re always happy to put those little niggling worries to rest, and provide guidance and support throughout a printing job.

  1. Can they demonstrate a commitment to the environment?

Printing companies vary wildly in their approach to sustainability. Look for a company that doesn’t just talk the talk, but that can also provide evidence of their responsibility. For instance, at KMS Litho we partner with the Woodland Carbon Scheme to help reduce our carbon footprint. You can read much more about environmental practices here.

  1. What have other customers said about them?

Any company can tell you how good they are. But for real evidence, find out what other people have said about them. If objective third parties can offer examples of their success, then that should help to cement your trust. You can see what our customers have said about us on Trust Pilot and Facebook.

  1. Can they explain what they do in an accessible way?

Printing can get complicated and there’s a lot to take in. While we could talk for hours about printing, we understand that customers may not need to know all the finer details, so we’re always happy to break down the complex information to a level that suits you. We also like to explain what we do in our online blogs. If you’d like to learn more about the world of printing, start here!

  1. Can they answer my technical questions?

Of course on top of all of this, any printing company should also be able to answer your questions about your technical needs, from litho and digital printing, to the best types of paper for your print job to printing Pantone spots and metallics.

Even before you contact a company with these questions, you can usually tick a lot of the above off your list by checking their websites. Make sure you check out ours too. To work with a class-act Oxfordshire printing company, contact us today.