What’s involved with print fulfilment?

If you’ve created some beautiful printed materials, the next step will be sharing them with the world – or with your customer database at least. From packing to delivery, this whole process can be fairly time-consuming, costly and resource-intensive when carried out in-house. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution. Print fulfilment services.

From one-off mail-outs to targeted campaigns over a longer-term, print fulfilment services can be a fantastic outsourced alternative to the frustrations of in-house delivery. Here are a few benefits that print fulfilment services can offer you:


When carried out in-house, print fulfilment can become quite costly. There are several hidden costs that can crop up unexpectedly, which may not seem like much on the surface but can soon snowball into one very large expense. These expenditures include the need for certain equipment, packaging materials and staffing.

By outsourcing your print fulfilment needs to a specialist like KMS Litho, you can cut down on these unnecessary outlays. You can simply pay for the specific services you need, while our own overhead costs will be split out over a number of clients, helping to make things more affordable for everyone.

KMS Litho print fulfilment servicesKMS Litho print fulfilment services

Time savings

Print fulfilment brings with it a substantial amount of logistics, from staffing to the compilation of materials, to stuffing envelopes, to the shipping of orders. When businesses take on print fulfilment themselves, they often find other responsibilities are put on hold, or suffer from a lack of sufficient attention, due to individuals being involved in fulfilment tasks.

When you work with us to deliver your print fulfilment needs, we can look after everything, helping to eliminate stress and ease pressures, ensuring you’re able to focus on what matters to your business most: your work.

Flexibility and compliance

By outsourcing your print fulfilment needs to a specialist like KMS Litho, you can enjoy the flexibility of being able to increase or decrease your deliveries without needing to think about:

  • how you will manage the staffing
  • collating the materials
  • space and storage needs
  • liaising with delivery providers such as Royal Mail
  • GDPR compliance

And because we would be looking after the whole project from beginning to end, we can adapt to your needs. Suddenly need to print and send something out at short notice? We’ve got you covered.

KMS Litho print fulfilment services


When outsourcing your print fulfilment to us, you’ll be connected to a KMS Litho Account Manager who will be on hand to advise and deliver what you need throughout the whole project lifespan.

And it’s not just your business that gets the personal touch either – it’s your customers too. Whether you’ve identified that your customers are due brochures, direct mail or magazines, we can ensure a great personalised experience, through integration with your databases, the packaging of your choice, and in compliance with your business’ brand.

Use KMS Litho as your print fulfilment specialists, and we can make sure your beautiful printed materials arrive with your recipients on time and within budget. We’ll manage printing and postage on-site, and we can mail internationally as well as nationally.

Contact us today to discuss your options – or why not pay us a visit to see who we are and how we work?